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The best way to control your business

How it works?

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access from any device provides you with the control you need, to share well organized info safely, and to make decisions with confidence.


high performance to consolidate data, as well as for generating charts,  run reports, create KPIs and much more...

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Como funciona


Invoice customers directly from our sales orders in your software with the peace of mind of getting paid fast and having taxes calculated correctly.


Generate reports with relevant information of your business, to make decisions by knowing all the factors affecting your profitability.

Approval's workflow

Save time by having approval's workflow in sensible areas of your organization

(such as Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Accounts Receivable, or Accounts Payable)  


Budget and monitor the progress of forecasted results, to make decisions not too late, and to guarantee your company's performance.


Track your inventory in real-time, by using legal costing and best pricing practices.


Take the most out of our outstanding charts with information that really matters to your success.


Get your accounting done in real-time, to allow your company's financial and tax planning.


Work with multiple users, companies, business units, currencies, units of measure, States, Countries, integrations, etc.


Promo business growth by increasing profits through technology adoption.


Being the best software provider from our customer's perspective, because they are our #1 reason to exist as a company.


Respect, responsibility, transparency, inclusion, evolution and esteem for quality.

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more than software, is about how to excel in business management

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